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Western Edition is a letterpress studio and a go-to letterpress lab for visionary clients. Quality work, perfect inking, and impression are our forte. With a host of creative workers, we generate unique concepts and flawless executions.

We achieve detailed designs for our clients by blending technology and art using hand-mixed inks, handicrafts, beautiful paper, and antique presses.

“Our uniqueness lies in the elegance of our prints, whether on letterpress business cards, wedding cards, invitation cards, and what have you.”

Things to know about Letterpress

The three-dimensional quality is why letterpress printing has seen a slow revival amongst couples and looks set to stay. the technique uses a printing press (a machine) and movable types to print. A type is a metal (usually lead) or a wooden block with a raised and reversed letter (or image) carved on it.

We are a sucker for fine words. The World needs more of them. You can help.

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